Graphics Resources


Carrd full of fonts commonly used in manga.

Page Graphics






  • (minimalist backgrounds and cute graphics)


  • vector database

  • has really good backgrounds, among other things.

  • Anime and Manga


  • Anime Hosting website.

  • Another one.

  • Another one.


  • Manga Free Manga

    Other. or similar

  • general piracy site for anime content.

  • Large database of visual novels.
  • Vocal Synthesis/Vocaloid/Etc


  • Converts UTAU OTO.INI files to Deepvocal Configuration files, allowing porting of UTAU voicebanks to DV (CVVC only).

  • Succesor to the old UTAUloid, an opensource version.

  • Free Vocaloids

  • Free Vocaloids2

  • Free Voicebanks (Site is in Chinese).

  • Free Voiceroids

  • Lost or deleted UTAUloids and other programs

  • Resources for vocal synthesis and MMD models

  • Free vocaloid and the old version of Cevio, among others.

  • Misc

  • How to use ENUNU/NNSVS Tutorial on how to make your own AI singing voicebanks

  • Forum for voice synthesis discussion.

  • Forum mainly centered around the program UTAUloid

  • Converts voice synthesis files to be compatible with other voice synth programs (UST to VSQX, VSQX to VPR, ETC.)

  • How to create an UTAUloid (video)

  • An audio recording program for UTAUloid (OREMO)

  • How to use OREMO

  • How to install UTAU onto MAC

  • How to install UTAUloid

  • Alternative to OREMO called Akorin.

  • Free voiceroid-type AI TTS software popular in the JP side of the fandom.

  • How to create a Deepvocal voicebank(youtube).

  • Chinese AI virtual synthesizer named AIsingers.
  • Games


  • Play Type-Moon's Fate Stay/Night in your browser for free in either ENG or JPN. NSFW scenes can be omitted in the settings if you wish to play the SFW version.

  • WIP attempted revival of the old game Freerealms.

  • Revival of disney's game toontown.

  • Another revival of Toontown, but with more new features.
  • Downloads/

  • A bunch of steam games for free. download at own risk.

  • 1337, A bunch of verified torrents including video games among other things.

  • Ryujinx, a popular Nintendo Switch emulator.

  • Free ROMS.

  • Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra.

  • Fitgirlrepacks, a bunch of free games.
  • Other


  • Converts files to other formats. No download required.

  • Replacement for the defunct program ra.bbit. Watch videos with friends.

  • Ad-free alternative to browsing instagram. Allows downloads of images.

  • Similar to bibliogram, but for browsing twitter.

  • Online cross browser testing.

  • AI-based audio resources, such as vocal-isolation, file converter, and pitch finder.

  • Liveweaver. allows previews of your HTML coding.

  • Kdenlive, a free video editor.

  • Renpy, a free visual-novel engine.

  • Open Source Compositing Software For VFX and Motion Graphics.

  • Marginalia, a search engine that focuses on non-commercial content. good for finding obscure sites.